Sunday, August 3, 2008


now,i want share with you all about my experience of being a UITMT student for approximately one month. i think in one month i got many memories.actually,i have bad news.. i can't accept that but i must do it.. my roomate leave me yesterday because she want go study at Maktab Perguruan Batu Rakit,kuala Terengganu. i only have only one month to know who are she.. i'm so sad.. i will miss her..
now,i want to tell you about my my study. actually,i'm not so smart and intelligent. so,i'm very worried about my study. especially in subject MAT140.. OH GOD,I'M VERY TENSION..
i like live at my hostel.. but,its so far with my classes.. i will tired everyday.. my family want buy me a bicycle.. but,i don't want that because i think thats money i can use for important things..
now,i get many new friend. thanks for my classmate or my friends,shida and tehah.. not forget to my old friend,syamimi.. i know her since in the primary school.
lastly, i want say thank you to my good friend,mox.. he always support me.. thanks a lot.. thanks because always hear my problem..hehe..
to all my friends and classmate,thanks a lot..
you all are the best classmate in my memories at UiTMT..

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Nur Syazwani said...

Don't stress out dear. As time goes on, I bet you can adapt the campus life. You still have your friends to help. Please take good care of yourself.